Expertise and Experience Count

Real estate agents are not all alike. They may work for their own brokerage, work as an independent contractor within a brokerage, be employed by a company, have extensive experience or only sell one or two houses a year. When you are considering who to hire the next time you buy or sell a property, we recommend really interviewing the agent to make sure you are hiring the very best person to represent your needs.

    Experience: The more experience an agent has, the more exposure he or she has had to challenges and solutions that arise in a transaction. This allows the agent to take a proactive approach to your transaction by identifying and solving potential problems before they become realproblems.Experience also means relationships – relationships with industry professionals, contractors, inspectors, appraisers, and others who may be called upon to help when it is most needed. You can ask the agents you are interviewing for an overview of their experience and for testimonials from past clients.

    Negotiating Skills:Experience usually goes hand in hand with confidence. Confidence in a transaction means knowing what it will take to be the top offer in a multiple offer situation or knowing when to push on your behalf if something doesn’t go as planned with an inspection or appraisal. Having strong negotiation skills, and knowing how to use them, can save you thousands. We were able to be the offer chosen in a multiple offer situation, last weekend, based on our stellar reputation, industry experience and the Seller’s Broker knowing we have well qualified clients and are known to close on time and are easy to work with!
    The Inner Workings of the Transaction: Knowing how your agent will represent you through the transaction is important. Some business models have one person helping you with one part of the transaction and then you are passed to someone else. In order to be your strong advocate, you need someone who understands, and looks out for, your priorities from day one until you exchange keys. Our Team works with you throughout the entire process. One of us is always available

    The Bottom Line: Different agents and companies charge different amounts. It is important to weigh the commission to be paid against the service you will receive. Ask the agents you are interviewing how their commission structure works and what exactly you get for what you are paying. Even if you are a buyer and do not expect to pay commission (as the seller generally pays it), or even get commission back at the closing table, it is critical to have a strong advocate on your side with a full set of tools as you are purchasing what is likely your largest asset.

Expertise and experience counts. You never know what problems may arise when buying or selling and there is no substitute for having a strong advocate at your side throughout the purchase or sale of your largest asset. We would be happy to interview with you, even if we have worked together before! Give us a call! Cindy 206 650 5966, Deb 425 894-2100 or Liz 425 406 0186

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