S.F and D. F. 3/16

Welcome Lyon Group,

My husband and I stopped by for your Open House last weekend.

I just wanted to say thank you.  In a market where everyone knows that buyers basically have no power, it was really meaningful to come to an open house where it felt like the sellers and realtors understood that buyers are more than just a pay day.  The home felt warm and cozy.  There were signs showing potential for different areas of the home, the beverages/treats and the kind and authentic agents…all this went a long way.

We went to a number of open houses on Saturday and I can’t tell you how many homes were not only smelly and dirty but how many realtors didn’t even acknowledge we were there.  It was really disappointing.

When we’re feeling a little more ready to get things moving, we’d love to talk more about working with your team.

Thank You Again


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