sara grabko

We first met the Lyon Group when we stopped at an open house they were holding up in Shoreline. It was our third or fourth stop of the day and we were feeling pretty dejected at what we were seeing out there but that that all changed once we met this great team. It was clear that they respected  both the sellers AND buyers side of the transaction – which we hadn’t been seeing at all. I told my husband when we left that day “when we’re ready to sell and buy our new home, we should work with this team.” It’s an extremely tough market out there. Throw in two very particular buyers who also happen to be pregnant and you can only imagine how much these ladies had to navigate to help sell a townhome and then find a new home before the baby arrived. We’d heard horror stories of people putting offers on 10+ homes and still not getting anything. Thankfully we had a great team working for us and they didn’t even flinch at each new challenge that came up. Luckily, after walking away from another offer due to a bad inspection, we found the perfect home for our growing family and because of a strategic move by Cindy, we beat out four other offers by the skin of our teeth. I can’t tell you how many tears of relief were shed that night after we got the call that the house was ours. And we got to stay in Seattle! Since then that house has become our home and every day we are thankful to be there. If not for the Lyon Group it wouldn’t have been possible. This is a great team of women who genuinely care about getting you to wherever you need to go – we highly recommend working with them

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